a nice treat….the gang at Comic Com 2014 Tv Guide Yacht

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Suddenly overcome with sadness at the realization that True Blood ends Sunday.

right there with ya…. : (

this is it…..the last of … Pam & Eric

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Guys I am a wreck.
True Blood series finale is Sunday
And I am afraid that season 10 is the last of SPN


Tomorrow, I Shop!

for I shall be excitedly/sad with tears of joy watching the season finale of True Blood on sunday….

TrueBloodObsessed put it perfectly…. I’ll be in mourning : (

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I can’t do this. Every time I get on Tumblr, I see some Paric or Krislex and it is like a punch in the gut. I’m already in mourning and the finale hasn’t even aired. And when I’m not in mourning, I’m in denial. Cause I honestly don’t even know what to do with my life,


The saddest part of True Blood ending is that I won’t really be part of a fandom anymore. I have friends in this fandom and I’ve gotten familiar with the blogs that post in this fandom. I’ll still be part of the TB fandom but that sense of community will slowly start disappearing and I’ll have to find a new show to blog about…

True Blood — how I’m going to be about the finale….


10 minutes before it’s on: 


While it’s on: 

After it’s over: 

The next day: 


I’m sad that my favorite show is going to be gone. It is by far my favorite cast and I am going to miss seeing them every year :( 


I’ve been doing the same exact thing every Sunday night since I was 14.. I’m 20 now

I’ve cancelled every single plan that was made on Sundays, so many tears, cursing at sookie every other episode, drooling over a sexy vampire or cute character that always ends up dying.. I don’t want it to end!

True blood is ending. And it’s really hard to watch without crying every 2 seconds. I didn’t know I was so attached. Fuck this sucks.

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Lauren Bowles - We will miss you terribly…

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Nathan Parsons “True Blood” Series Finale Interview - Who Will Die???

Yes, I absolutely love this incredibly talented sweetheart. He’d honestly be great on “Hemlock Grove”


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