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We have come to the part of the show which i painstakingly start to clean up my tumblr and prepare to move forward…we knew this day was coming … :/

True Blood, my true love and the reason it brought me to tumblr 7 years ago…I want to give a hearty Thank you! to the 10,000+ followers with some that I’ve had the pleasure in meeting and many that I’ve chatted with. I know I will loose some followers cuz our taste may no longer mesh…which is totally cool. But, leave knowing you were loved…  (>‿◠)✌

With a world of new things that i want to tumblr and gif about… I’ll still be keeping my same name…I’ll still post stuff from True Blood/actors of those i loved. And slowly making my way towards becoming free range tumblr…

xoxoxo imhereforsookie