True Blood limited edition - Jessica’s Lucky 13 Pink Crowned Heart Tee

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Ryan Kwanten at the Boston Store in Brookfield for a promotional campaign for the Mambo.


everybody Mambo…

everybody Mambo…


Streetwear by: Ryan Kwanten

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. today announced HBO’s True Blood star, Ryan Kwanten, has teamed up with the Company and the Sydney-based surfwear/streetwear brand, Mambo, to be the brand’s ambassador for The Bon-Ton Stores. The Mambo brand is sold exclusively in the United States at all Bon-Ton Stores locations. The entire Mambo collection launches in all of The Bon-Ton Stores’ eight nameplates for spring 2012, which will coincide with a media and marketing campaign, including personal appearances by Ryan Kwanten.

Ryan will also create some designs and will include his signature.


Tru Bood A+ or Tru Blood A-

Let it Be Known, I love Carrie Preston but, I’m not to sure about these outfits on her…

  • the left one looks like it should be for a high school girl
  • the right looks big on her..maybe cuz she’s sitting

Either way she looks stunning!

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What do you think about the outfits?

Do we TRU BLOOD drink it or TRU BLOOD down the drain it!

TRU BLOOD A+     DRINK IT (love it)