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This is the first that I’ve heard of this but, apparently Knights of Badassdom with Ryan Kwanten had it’s premiere on September 24th 2013.

The long-shelved Knights of Badassdom premiered on September 24, 2013 at the Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-playing in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with one of the producers in attendance.

Summer.Glau Wiki said: - As of today, we don’t know if the movie shown at Icon Festival was screened as part of eOne’s deal and whether it was Joe Lynch’s original cut of the film, or a re-cut version by producer Wade Bradley.

eOne has US distribution rights. Though, no word as to if and when it will be release…

I’m not sure whats going on with all the secrecy to this movie finally being shown. It may be the way it’s come to pass, being release after all the controversy.

Ryan Kwanten’s Character on ‘Knights of Badassdom’

Brett Gipson On Ryan Kwanten’s Character on ‘Knights of Badassdom’

fearnet: The easy thing would be to approach LARPing as a joke; something to make fun of. Did that happen at all? Did you want to make fun of them?

Not at all. This movie absolutely glorifies [LARPing]. Essentially it is Ryan Kwanten’s character that gets broken up with, and his nerdy buddies - Dinklage and Steve Zahn - want him to go LARPing. He is hemming and hawing because he is the “cool guy” in the group, so they end up “kidnapping” him and taking him into this LARPing world. He sees there is something to this, something fun and innocent, where you can actually become who you want to be. So we definitely steer clear of making fun of anything.