Todd Lowe - Thank you to all the fans all the support, all the military support I’ve gotten..

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be happy…

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True Blood Sex Chart

Which characters have gotten freaky throughout the show’s run? Unsurprisingly, Jason leads the way when it comes to hookups!

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Which dearly departed character may just be making a return appearance during True Blood’s final season?

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Todd Lowe keeping it real… at the 140th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, May 3rd 2014 - Louisville, Kentucky.

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Happy New Year !!! Mountain Standard Time! 2014

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Life Matters….

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RIP Terry Bellefleur

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You can sexy the dip…Or you can cha-cha the dip. There you go..

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Terry Bellefleur

born: season 1 | died: season 6

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your a good man Terry Bellefleur…

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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i like you too…

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