Happy New Year !!! Mountain Standard Time! 2014

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Life Matters….

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RIP Terry Bellefleur

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You can sexy the dip…Or you can cha-cha the dip. There you go..

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Terry Bellefleur

born: season 1 | died: season 6

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your a good man Terry Bellefleur…

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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i like you too…

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do a little dip like that…

Terry and Lafayette

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« and not too many people could ever say that they were loved like that, but you can, Arlene

totally agree.. your not too crazy after all Terry…

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Todd Lowe in Bello Magazine #49 | August 2013

I’ve always liked you and I’d miss you if you got killed”- Terry Bellefleur

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True Blood S6 E9 #69 | clip - Meeting Terry

Raging Bitch…lol.. I need that beer

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